Success Factors

Success Factors

Critical Success Factors NI(P)L Competitive Position

Ability to manufacturer high quality products at low cost
  • Nichino India Private Limited achieved leadership position in Cost Management by virtue of various factors.
  • The company has In house R&D facilities for process development, optimization, cost reduction and quality enhancement.
  • The Company has its own Project Management Team to design and build formulation / manufacturing facilities cost effectively with high competence in speedy execution of projects.
  • The Company has expertise in formulation development to ensure new formulations are introduced to the meet the market requirements within a very short time cycle.
  • The Company has a very strong vendor base in India and China to identify and procure Raw Materials cost effectively.

Ability to create large product basket to ensure the customer / retailer dependence on the company
  • The Company has wide range of more than 50 Formulations and 15 Technical’s in its products portfolio currently covering different product categories crops, geographies and seasons.

Timely introduction of New Products to ensure product offerings are in line with the market requirements.
  • The Company has the competence to assess market trends and to identify the profitable product launches and to quickly introduce the product into the market. To achieve this, the product registration, process development and project execution are skillfully coordinated.
  • The company has well equipped R&D facility manned by competent scientists for synthesis of new products on continual basis. There is a strong product pipe line demonstrating clear road map for future.
  • Often the registration process and product development process are undertaken in advance to facilitate market launch of the product without delay.
  • Often the registration process and product development process are undertaken in advance to facilitate market launch of the product without delay.
  • There is ample scope in Humnabad & Jammu facilities for speedy implementation and commissioning of projects for new products.

Ability to engage quality retailers / dealers into formulation brand sales considering that Indian Agchem business is substantially retailer driven.
  • Nichino India Private Limited is very choosy in selecting quality dealers with commitment to the company. The company has more than 4000 dealers / sub dealers spread across all the states of the country.
  • The company continuously engages the dealers to strengthen the relationship for mutual benefit.

Faster recovery of receivables and to ensure that there are no bad debts
  • Nichino India Private Limited has the advantage in terms of faster recovery of the receivables compared to market benchmark by virtue of a slew of measures like policy against dumping of goods, just-in-time supply capability, collection on weekly basis against monthly collection from most of the competitors, locking of accounts through SAP in case of delayed payments and incentivization of timely payments.

Capability for timely supply of the products into the market to effectively meet the uncertain market demand
  • Nichino India Private Limited has a unique strength in production planning on a daily basis to meet the market requirements of retail brands without losing sales opportunity.
  • The company has huge packing capacity to meet the urgent requirements efficiently in short notice.
  • The strong capability for inbound & outbound logistics ensures speedy receipt of raw materials and dispatch of finished products to reach the market place in time.
  • Daily coordination meetings between Production, Warehouse, Purchase & Marketing to ensure improved planning and execution in uncertain market scenario.
  • The company has 33 sales depots across the country to deliver the products to the retailer overnight without delay.

Availability of manufacturing facilities for consistent production of existing products and speedy introduction of new products and also to provide a base for product supply to Multinationals
  • The company has two sites with 12 technical manufacturing lines with capability to handle multiple operations. Further the company has been successfully managing "swing capacity" meaning flexible manufacturing facilities wherein multiple products can be manufactured in the same plant depending on the market needs.
  • Further Pashamylaram facility has a pilot plant for semi commercial production.
  • Safety and environmental norms are inbuilt into the manufacturing facilities.

The strong relationship with institutional customers including Multinationals to enhance sales.
  • The company has very strong relationship with a number of reputed big Indian companies and Multinationals like Syngenta, Bayer, FMC, Sumitomo etc.
  • This facilitates not only sales of products to the companies but also contract manufacturing and tolling opportunities.